Custom Cartography

Cartographic design work we have undertaken includes…

  • large format feature wall maps for visitor centres and public spaces
  • print maps for interpretative or directional signboards
  • printed sheet maps for the wall, folded maps for the field
  • atlases and maps for books, reports and other print publications
  • digital maps for datashow presentation, the web and mobile devices
  • dynamic, interactive maps and 3D virtual flight

We take our map design seriously. Our maps have to connect with and work for the end-user. And we want maps that look good. We treat each as an artwork in the making.

Cartography to us is the art of using graphics to communicate geographic information and spatial relationships.

The challenge is to make a map that communicates effectively. We need to understand why the map is required, who it is intended to reach, how it will be presented, and what information or message it needs to deliver. We try to get a feel for these things when briefed by the client.

We also need instructions on the desired coverage (area to be mapped) and preferred dimensions of the map (print maps are measured in millimetres, digital maps are measured in pixels). Is there a preference as to 2D or 3D? Are there any special requirements relating to content, styling or colour? We are always happy to offer suggestions and advice. And we will mock-up a sample graphic if necessary to better illustrate our ideas.

No obligation written quotes or cost estimates are available on request. As standard practice we allow for two rounds of client review in our pricing. Advanced draft digital copy is supplied to the client for comment, and any requested changes or corrections are implemented.

We invite enquiries. Please use the email contact link at the bottom of this page.

The difference between a 2D and a 3D map

Our terms of trade

DOC Visitor Centre, Wanaka. Wall map of Mount Aspiring National Park

DOC Visitor Centre, Wanaka

British Library. Peter Barber (Head of Maps) and Gordon Cheers (Millennium House Publishing) inspect  the Earth Platinum Atlas.

Earth Platinum World Atlas, British Library

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