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3D Visualisation with SkylineGlobe
Geographx is proud to present a new generation of 3-dimensional earth visualisation software for desktop, mobile, and web. As the New Zealand distributor of SkylineGlobe, we offer a comprehensive and cost-effective means of presenting and streaming geospatial data in an interactive, dynamic virtual environment.

A virtual environment is a digital representation of the real world, one that you can move around in and interact with. Businesses can use SkylineGlobe to create their own virtual world using their own data. Within this world they can simulate hypothetical or proposed scenarios and undertake complex analysis.

The development of Skyline technology has been largely geared to meet the needs of the defence and intelligence communities. It also has application across a range of civil industry sectors, including engineering and infrastructural development and design, urban and regional planning, environmental management, emergency services, mining, education, and tourism.

Detailed object models include built structures, vegetation and vehicles

Work with detailed object models

Geographx and SkylineGlobe
Geographx supplies and supports the full range of SkylineGlobe products. We offer training to Skyline users, and we are available to process clients’ own data for optimal performance in the Skyline virtual environment. In addition we can supply our own New Zealand terrain and basemap data, formatted for use with the Skyline platform.

Buildings and associated airspace. The airspace is generated by extruding the property footprint feature layer

Managing urban airspace


SkylineGlobe Enterprise
This is the Skyline flagship product, a scalable software bundle that offers all the tools necessary for a complete, net-centric 3D visualisation solution.

SkylineGlobe Web Package
An out-of-the-box web application for publishing interactive 2D and 3D geospatial environments.

The desktop client of SkylineGlobe and the standard user interface for viewing, manipulating, analysing and publishing 2D and 3D geospatial data.

The network feature and terrain server technology designed to stream and share large volumes of 3D geographic data in real time.

TerraBuilder, CityBuilder and PhotoMesh
The tools for building cityscapes and surrounding virtual environments using a range of different data types.

Useful Links
Skyline Software Systems Website
SkylineGlobe Technology Overview (pdf)
SkylineGlobe TerraExplorer 6.5 Overview (pdf)
SkylineGlobe Data Flow (pdf)

Skyline has an indoor navigation mode for use with sufficiently detailed building models

Moving inside…

Adding a temporal dimension to map simulated flood events

Simulating a continuous flood event

On-the-fly slope analysis in the Tararua Range

On-the-fly slope analysis

Orthoimagery (0.4m pixel resolution) draped over the 8m Geographx terrain

Overlay orthoimagery 1

Orthoimagery (0.7m pixel resolution) draped over the Geographx 8m terrain

Overlay orthoimagery 2

LINZ Topo50 mapsheets draped over the Geographx 8m terrain

Overlay LINZ Topo50 mapsheets

Going underground to work with urban water reticulation and stormwater pipes

Work with underground utilities

Point clouds generated from ground-based (side-scan) LiDAR

Gound-based LiDAR

Point clouds generated from airborne LiDAR

Airborne LiDAR

Analysing the changing shadow cast by a building over time

Analysing a building’s shadow

Mapping the changing view corridor seen by a moving vehicle

Attaching a viewshed to a moving object

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