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Geographx is a map design studio in Wellington, New Zealand. The name comes from the Greek geo (the earth) and graphein (to write or paint).

Our clients cover a range of industries and economic sectors. We work with central government, local government, non-governmental organisations, multinational corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises, universities, iwi, trusts and individuals.

Geographx is recognised internationally for its award-winning maps and its innovative approach to map design. Our past projects include coordination and oversight of the cartography for EARTH Platinum, the largest world atlas ever produced and winner of the 2013 International Map Industry Association Global Award for Best Map Product.

The Dominion Observatory (©Rob Suisted)

The Geographx office and studio is the Dominion Observatory, a registered historic building. It is located in the Wellington Botanic Garden on an elevated site with commanding views over the city. Our office is metres from the Cable Car top station and minutes from the heart of the Wellington CBD.

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The Dominion Observatory was built in 1907 to accurately determine New Zealand time by reference to the sun and stars. The past associations with time-keeping, astronomy and maritime navigation make it New Zealand’s closest equivalent to the Royal Observatory at Greenwich.

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Adjacent to  the observatory is the Garden Gun Battery and associated tunnel system which date back to the Russian scare of 1896. There is also a kauri flagpole, and the shrapnel-scarred Krupp Gun, captured by the NZ Division on the Western Front towards the end of World War I.

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International Map Industry Association

IMIA is a voice and resource for individuals or organisations engaged in the production and sale of maps, globes, travel guides, spatial information and related products.

International Cartographic Association

ICA is the world authoritative body for cartography.  Its mission is to promote the discipline and profession of cartography in an international context.

ICA Commission on Mountain Cartography

The Mountain Cartography Commission is tasked with promoting knowledge of mountain cartography among scientists and professionals in cartography and related fields.

New Zealand Cartographic Society

The NZCS is an open association for individuals and organisations with an interest in the study, production and use of maps.

North American Cartographic Information Society

NACIS is for specialists from private, academic, and government organizations who wish to facilitate communication in the map information community.

British Cartographic Society

The object of the BCS is the promotion of that class of knowledge which distinguishes the art and science of Cartography.

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